Rig Rundown: What gear I use live and in the studio!


Picture this:

You’re a musician (guitar player lets say)and you just get done playing your last song with your band.

You start to pack up your gear, then you see someone approach the front of the stage.  In the back of your

head you already know what’s going to come out of their mouth:

“Hey man! Loved the set… what was that thing you used on like, I don’t know, maybe the third song? It sounded sick!!”

It happens a lot and you know it… so you explain your gear and off they go with yet another: “Great set man, I’ll see you around!”

Now that may come off as if I get annoyed when this happens, but on the contrary I love explaining what I use with the bands I’m a part of.  There was time when I first started playing guitar where I was a total gear-head.  I started to examine what my favorite players used, trying to replicate their particular tones to some success which in turn lead me to finding my own sound and style.  So with all of that being said lets break down what I use shall we??


My main guitar (and honestly the only guitar that I use) is a 2008 Cherry Gibson SG Standard with a full pick-guard, with flat wound strings (size 10’s by D’Adarrio).  I normally have it dropped tuned to CGCFAD for my solo music and Balik Alistane.  When I’m with Reginleif I’ll have it in standard (EADGBE or the occasional DADGBE).  The flat wounds are very crucial to my tone.  They make it heavy, dark, and over all I think it makes my guitar sound “big” for lack of a better term. I do have a Cream Squire Telecaster (black pick-guard, modified to have a kill-switch) that I use as a backup.  As for acoustics I have a Cigano (with D-shaped sound-hole) and an Ibanez.  I’m not much of an acoustic player, but they come in handy. The SG though is it for me… I like the idea of having that “ONE GUITAR”… you always reach for it, you’re always seen with it and it eventually becomes a part of you.


Fender 4×10 Deville… Dials on 7 Joe Perry Style! That’s honestly about it…


To me, I think my setup is fairly simplistic.  To start the chain I either plug straight into a BOSS TU-3 Chromatic Tuner OR if I’m going wireless I use the Line 6 Relay G10 system that goes into input B on my Whirlwind ABY Selector (input A would normally be my Alesis SR16 Drum Machine for select solo performances).

From there we go to the Digitech Whammy 5.  Mainly used to harmonizing an octave up or down and for the pitch bending sound (+ or – 2 octaves).  The next pedal would by Moogerfooger Ring Modulator.  Unless you have a physics degree, I’m not sure anyone knows EXACTLY what this does, but I can get anything from a beautiful tremolo to “R2-D2-esc” noises with it (I’m fine with that).

For my only sources of distortion I use a Proco Rat.  Best pedal I think I’ve ever purchased.  What inspired me to go the way of the Rat were two of my favorite guitarists: Jeff Beck and Johnny Greenwood.  That’s the only convincing I needed.   For delay I have a standard setting on a BOSS DD-7 and will occasionally use the reverse setting.

Towards the end of my chain I have an E-Lady flanger by Mooer for a chorus-like effact and a Coralverb by Valeton for reverse reverb.  These two pedals were had for under $100 each and they get the job done for how often I use them.

And last but not least I have a TC Electronics DITTO Loop pedal.  Mainly used live for ambient sounds in between songs and the occasional hook looped in the middle of a Balik Alistane tune. When I go solo however I will bring along an extra loop pedal (BOSS RC-2) just in case.

Well folks… that’s what I use.  If you have any questions feel free to hit me up! Hope you enjoyed the post!



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