Every gig counts.



In November of 2016 I attended a show at the Grog Shop here in Cleveland, OH.  To be accurate, this wasn’t a concert by any means.  It was a motivational speaking tour from none other than Andrew W.K. entitled “The Power of Partying”.  He spoke of thinking more positive, not letting the little things get to you and overall it was a very entertaining and enlightening experience.  As you can see by the title however, this post isn’t about that night (well… not entirely).  You see after he was done with the main portion of the evening he invited folks to talk to him one on one at the merch table. Of course I took full advantage of this and even grabbed a snapshot with him.  What he said though really stuck with me as a musician.  He claimed that when he was first starting there would be gigs just performing in front of a bar tender.  He went on to say you never know where the next gig can take you…

From that night on I was determined to make my hobby of guitar playing somewhat profitable and who knows, maybe even turn it into a full time career! I accepted every show offer that came my way… but of course this can lead to some duds every now and again. There are two instances I would like to mention and this is where the post really starts:

     Fast forward to a summer night in 2017.  I’m driving to Barberton, OH for a show with my buddy Mike Sandy.  I pull up and see that its in a strip mall, immediately feeling the “what the fuck” moment… you know the one: “Why am I wasting my time?” “What good could come of this?” “Where the hell am I anyway?”.  Mike and I ended up playing to each other because the stage was located away from the bar, and no one was interested in our style of music… BUT on the upside they had a rope to swing from hanging from the ceiling so we passed some time doing that and had some goofy convos with one of the bartenders… overall it was a good night!

Show number two: January of 2018 Cleveland gets blasted with a winter storm… no one was going out and the other two acts on the bill canceled because they lived far away. Being that I lived not even a mile away from this venue I ended up playing.  Initially I was gonna bail, but I don’t like doing that… got them ethics yo… I ended up playing for a little over an hour, got some free drinks and about $60.  After my performance one of the 5 people left in the bar had nothing but praise for my music! I was able to reach somebody through what I do and that to me is sometimes better than getting paid…

Although neither of those shows got me a record deal, I definitely made some good memories, and who knows?? Maybe those that did hear me will check out my music online… either way, just remember its not always about getting the best results.  Sometimes its just about having a good time doing something you love.


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