Why Men Should Buy Their Own Damn Clothing.

IMG_20170418_202814_299Yeah… I get it.  You’re a busy guy, you don’t have time to learn what looks good on you, how to match a shirt with a tie or even learn what fits you.  You have “x” to do and you need to do it RIGHT NOW. Well, to me that’s bullshit.  It shows that you don’t want to take the time to succeed in ALL aspects of your life.  Sure you can be great at your job, have a shit ton of money, and be fine with all of that, but if you need your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend (WHOEVER) telling you what to wear and what to buy to me that screams pathetic.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for guiding people to shop for themselves, learning what looks good on them, and then one day; BOOM! LIKE MAGIC THEY CAN DO IT!!!  I mean it’s my day job so of course I’m ALL FOR IT!!! But if you still act clueless and don’t develop your own taste level after working with me (or someone like me) after a year or however long you really gotta look at yourself and realize that this should be a process you get involved with too. One of many pet peeves I have working in retail is seeing some men come in and just having their significant other pick out their clothing.  They stand there, helpless, clueless even, as to how clothing works.  I even see guys in their 20’s (THEIR TWENTIES!!!!) come in with their mother telling them what to wear in order to hold up some fake-ass image they’re trying to present to the world.  Fuck it, dress for YOURSELF not how others think you should dress… the moment you start caring about what other people think of you is the moment you lose. Remember to always look presentable though 😉

Again, everyone needs guidance in the beginning, but grow a pair and seek out that guidance.  Show me you want to learn, show me you give a damn, and show me you’re able to make a decision as simple as putting on a shirt by yourself.  Men overthink (or underthink… is that a thing? …it is now…) clothing and I’ll never understand it.  To me clothing is simply used to portray your personality to the world.  It can be an extension of you in a way and can make a lot of things easy or very difficult.  Don’t get lost in the sea of ill-fitting jeans and graphic tees.  Stop looking like Steve Jobs with your beat-up New Balance dad sneakers.  People will say “well that stuff is me, I just don’t care I guess, I like being comfortable” well you know what, that’s everyone else’s answer too, so guess what? YOU’RE NOT DIFFERENT.

This post is starting to turn into a rant so I’m gonna real it back in for a second:

The entire point of this post isn’t to put you down if you’re clueless when it comes to personal style and clothing.  There are infinite resources online (Antonio Centeno, Aaron Marino, Raphael Schneider just to name a few) and in person (…Hi, I’m Steve!) that can EDUCATE you in your style journey.  All I’m asking is for you to try… you can do more than you think you can.  Give a damn and show the world you aren’t going to settle and become another bro wearing a t-shirt that says “suns out guns out”, you’re way better than that.  Again, seek the help you need for success and its all up to you to go through the journey!!


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