“I Don’t Have Time!” (uh…yeah you do)

Screenshot_20180107-140432OK, I know everyone gets busy. But what are you REALLY doing? Is it productive? Is it getting you closer to where you want to be in life? Is it making you happier? If you answered YES to any these you can probably stop reading… (actually no keep reading, I need the exposure).

I’ll tell you right now that I’m a very busy person, and I’m not trying to brag or one-up anyone because sometimes it blows major ass. I’m in a few local bands (2 right now, which may change), I have a full time job that requires 40-50 hours a week (retail hours get weird), I officiate weddings occasionally, and I run this website.  I try to workout a few times a week, read some books and even try to watch some movies.  How do I keep it all straight? Well for one I don’t fly by the seat of my pants all the time like a lot of people do.  My solution is pretty simple: I know how to schedule and use a damn calendar.  I need to… I’d be lost without one honestly.

Scheduling to me is extremely important and helps me prioritize the events in my life.  I was watching a documentary about Tom Ford the fashion designer and he explained that he would have to turn down invites to hang out at a whim because he didn’t have it penciled in.  Which really spoke to me… he knows what he wants to spend his time doing and so should I.  Speaking right now I have a few things planned out to February of 2018 already (as I type this it’s currently 11/8/17).  People tend to take the day in stride and whatever happens happens, sure they may have a schedule for work, but what about when you go home? Do you just sit around browsing the internet? Watch reruns of a show you’ve already seen? Go to that same bar you always go to? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these activities, but if you do them day in and day out I think you might want to rethink WHY that is… Find your passion and go after it! Spend every second of the day trying to accomplish something.  Could be anything as little as making dinner for yourself, but at least you did something right?

All in all, I tend to put almost everything into my calendar: gigs, meeting people for drinks, grocery shopping… hell even laundry!  I don’t like to waste time and I like to know how my time is going to spent that day. What NEEDS to get done? Prioritize. This post ended up turning into a bit of a ramble… and a lot of rhetorical questions for you to think about… but hey if you got to the end and liked it I can’t express how much i appreciate the support!  Thank you for reading and sticking with me while I get my feet wet doing this blog thing…

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