The Navy Jacket: Why I Think Every Guy Needs One

Screenshot_20180107-141936Getting real for a minute: men in their 20s and even 30s don’t wear jackets as often as they used to. Why? No idea. Evidently the casualization of everything in this country has made everyone lazy and not want to look nice on occasion (even though throwing on a damn jacket takes two seconds).  Do I wear a jacket outside of work everyday? No, but that doesn’t mean I opt out completely.  If you’re familiar with what I do I’m in the menswear business where I have to wear a jacket or suit everyday.  For the most part I wear one type of jacket: the navy blazer (…..or some variation on it).  Why? Well to start I like the idea of a uniform. I pair it with white shirts (casual or dress), light weight pants in spring/summer and dark heavier fabrics in fall/winter.  It goes with everything, can be dressed up or down and everyone looks damn good in one. DAMN GOOD. Is it flashy? Nope.  Is it memorable? Not really (which means you can wear it as often as you want and people won’t really notice).  So to be blunt: OWN ONE. Spend what you can afford on one and rock the shit out of it until it falls apart in your hands.  Tired of me answering my own questions? I’m sure you are, so let me get into it!

To me this is one article of clothing I am very pleased I spent the most I could afford at the time on.  My go-to blazer is from Charles Tyrwhitt and was purchased for around $350 (after tax/shipping/all that BS).  At the time (2 years ago-ish) it was a lot of money for me to be spending on a jacket.  A lot of guys in their 20s tend to just bargain shop and end up with a closet full of shit (which I fell victim too as well).  This way of thinking tends to waste more money than it saves and leaves you with… well a bunch of stuff that collects dust in your closet.  Buy what you NEED (for more info on how to not waste money on clothing check out my article over at Real Men Real Style HERE). 

When buying your navy jacket, first things first: make sure it fits, minor alterations can be expected of course (including but not limited to: shorten sleeves, take in/let out the sides, lower the collar). Essentially, nail the fit in the chest and shoulders and everything else can be tweaked here and there. I’d go for a jacket that has a little less structure to it, meaning the shoulders aren’t too padded and you can even opt for no lining. This gives the jacket a little more casual of an appearance, but you can still rock it with a shirt and tie! Again, you want versatility here, have this be your workhorse, your go-to. There are a few shades of navy to choose from, so that is totally up to you.  I have two: one is traditional navy blue with flap pockets while the other is slightly lighter with patch pockets just in case i want to change it up.  Again this jacket can be worn with jeans, trousers, hell even shorts if you’re brave enough (I’ve done this and have received both rave reviews and criticism, but whatever I like the look and I’ll keep doing it).  

All in all, I wanted this article to be short and to the point: every man should own some kind of navy blazer or sport jacket… it’s just so easy… So go out, get one and save that dirty old hoodie for when you’re mowing the lawn.

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