INDEFINITE EP: Writing Process and Influence

IMG_20170504_090915Three to four months.  That’s how long it took me from starting in the Cleveland music circuit to wanting to record. From August to November I was playing as many shows as I could (maybe a total of 4-5 being that I was brand new to the music scene).  I knew what I wanted to record but just didn’t know where to go.  A friend of mine in another local band (Frank Maraldo of Nights, check them out here) sat me down, gave me some advice and recommended me to a local music producer (Jim Wirt of Superior Sound Recording Studios). I hit him up and away we went.  The end result was my “INDEFINITE” EP.  Three tracks, about 25 minutes of music… (listen to it HERE).

In regards to the writing process it all goes back to when I was still working in accounting.  Days that seemed endless, cramped conference rooms, a lot of things being said but not much being done about them… stereotypical corporate stuff… I’m making it more dramatic but sometimes drama is needed.  Going through situations like this add to the creative process. People get frustrated and when you get pushed enough you create.  I felt out of control and music was the one thing I had at the time to express myself.  The first track on the release, Forever Again, is about this.  Wasting time, killing time, not putting it to good use for myself.  I didn’t feel like I was growing as an individual and instead just going through the motions of life like a lot of people tend to do.  I didn’t want that and I’m sure a lot of you don’t either. 

I don’t write many lyrics.  You’ll come to hear that with my music.  Reason being is that I don’t have much to say and I want to get straight to the point.  No beating around the bush with metaphors or mysterious imagery.  I want the music to speak for itself and be the main focus.  Which brings us to the second track: Trillium. This is an all instrumental track that I wrote based around one little hook I came with a few years back.  The rest wrote itself… to me this song is about victory.  I made it an epic and want it to come across as something one can hear in a movie.  Nothing more to it than that. Take a listen for yourself.  I want you to feel inspired… on edge… wanting to do more and improve. 

The final track, Daffodils (watch the live performance video here), is near and dear to me.  There was an older version from a band I was in back in college and I never wanted to scrap it.  With regards to lyrics (which I truly believe are the best lyrics I’ll ever write), I’m going to keep this simple and say the song is about missed opportunities.  Relationships that fall by the wayside, not getting the job you were pining after,  even missing that green light in the morning and arriving late to work… Things happen, LIFE happens, keep going and persevere.  We can all learn from the past for sure, but in order to improve we have to leave it there.  Learn the lesson and move on. 

Some final thoughts: the songs themselves have some length, are repetitive and are border line pop… I write music that I like to listen to and I will continue to do so.  Regardless of your music taste (or what your inner critic is telling you right now…) I really hope you check out my EP if you haven’t already! All three of these songs are for the most part played at every show… so if you’d rather see a different interpretation of them live keep on the lookout for concert updates!

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