Steve Wright – A Solo Project

Screenshot_20180107-141844Music has always been a major part of my life.  I started playing the saxophone in 5th grade back in Poland, Ohio.  That easily expanded within a few years to guitar, then bass, piano, vocals and even some drumming here and there. Once middle school and high school came around I found myself surrounded by other musicians, eventually becoming a member of a few bands.  We made our own gigs, played the talent shows, had a solid time and eventually went our separate ways. Then came college.


Once you turn 21 the life of a musician becomes more fun, being able to play out in bars etc… I was in a group all throughout college and then of course each of us ended up living in different cities post graduation (Youngstown, Cleveland, Columbus) and disbanded.  Sure there were attempts to get things moving again, but it became too difficult.  Life got in the way.  After a year in Cleveland I was becoming a little bummed out not being able to play out with a group.  It was around June/July of 2016 when I thought “screw it, I don’t know anyone so I’ll just start doing shit by myself”.  Low and behold it ended up working out.  


Being in the Cleveland music scene for little over a year now I think I’m finally starting to find my niche.  When I write I tend to stay within the ambient-rock genre, but that’s not to say I won’t throw in a few poppy foot tapping numbers in there… a musician’s style should always be evolving and should keep the audience engaged. My live setup is a whole other story, (which for those of you curious you can find my rig detailed HERE).  When first starting out as a one-man band I would bring drums, keyboard, guitar… a lot of stuff for one guy. I’ve been able to condense this and get my point across more clearly.  The sound of my live performance has been more refined and streamlined, definitely getting straight to the point and coming across more organic without any bullshit.  I love what I do now and have even started incorporating some lighting to add to the ambiance of the performance.  Within my first year I’ve played MANY shows, met a lot of amazing people and even recorded an EP! (Check out the full scoop HERE and be sure to listen at


This was a just quick intro as to why I decided to go the solo route… I’m in two bands on the side just to stretch my creativity and get out of my comfort zone.  Always push yourself, get after whatever it is you strive for in life and I hope to see you at some shows! Be sure to sign up for emails to get concert updates or follow me on the socials: Facebook (@stevewrightcleveland), Instagram (@stevewrightcleveland), Snapchat (swright086).

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